CNA Services

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CNA Services

If you need day-to-day assistance backed by careful training and experience, the providers at Hands of Hope in Boca Raton, Florida, offer CNA services to give you vital support. Whether you need assistance recovering from a surgery or injury or a helping hand with a loved one’s mobility issues, you can rely on Hands of Hope to provide personalized, compassionate care. If your doctor has recommended home health care, don’t delay seeking skilled CNA services. To learn more, call the office or book online today.

What are CNA services?

If your health care provider (such as a doctor, nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist) decides you would benefit from home health care, the quality of that care is of paramount importance.

CNA services are home health services delivered by experienced certified nursing assistants (CNAs) under the supervision or direction of a nurse and may include:

  • Injections or IV therapy
  • Wound care
  • Health monitoring
  • Daily care
  • Medication management
  • Physical disability support

A CNA can help you or a loved one recover or improve your quality of life while preventing current discomfort and future illness. Hands of Hope offers access to expert care for your whole family, whether you need assistance providing compassionate dementia care or pediatric services.

Do CNAs and home health aides provide the same services?

In addition to the valuable skills home health aides (HHAs) possess, many CNAs have been trained in hospitals or care facilities in addition to home care environments. They have additional nursing skills and training with medical equipment or treatments that your loved one finds necessary, such as injections.

Your CNA can help with transfer needs, respite care, preparing meals, making sure proper medications are taken on time, and socializing. They can also ensure your loved one is bathing and toileting safely, with dressing assistance to ensure their health and comfort.

What might CNA services look like for me?

Before your care begins, the team will schedule an appointment to discuss your situation and medical history. The Hands of Hope team will always tailor your care to meet your specific needs, but this may include:

  • Checking your breathing, blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate
  • Investigating pain or discomfort
  • Making sure your home is safe and free of hazards
  • Involving you in your own care so you can maintain as much independence as possible

Naturally, your CNA will consistently communicate with your nurses, doctors, or other healthcare providers to ensure you get superior care. The more your health team knows about your situation, the better prepared they can be to take care of you.

With the compassionate and personalized health care available from Hands of Hope, every person in your family can know they are in good hands. To learn more about CNA services, reach out online or call the friendly staff today.